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The Blissful Treatment

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This is a massage that has firm base in traditional thai holistic philosophy with roots in ancient teachings. It combine of many treatment technique.

Foot Massage Or Foot Reflexology is the technique of massaging and stimulating the reflex points on the hands and feet.

Bliss Oil Aroma Massage Is Ideal For A Complete Physical And Mental Stress Recover.  As It Will Restore Vitality And Enhance Well-Being.

A powerful treatment utilizing various body oils anddeep tissue techniques, it works to relieve stress and tension from overworked muscles

Remedial Massage Includes Fibrositis, Spondylitis, Arthritis, Frozen Shoulder, Muscular Cramps, Whiplash, Muscular Atrophy, Sports

Deep Rhythmic Massage Relievers Muscular Stress And Tension. Giving The Whole Body A Vigorous Workout. The Warmth Oils Further Aid To Ease The Soreness.

Combination Of The Best

Thai Bliss Packages

Pack Of Exfoliating Back Scrub + Aroma Oil Massage +Hot Stone Massage +Organic Facial Massage + Foot Reflexology + Foot Spa Treatment

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